Alex Scott has said that she is “open to accepting and being more vulnerable” in her new relationship.

The former England footballer turned pundit has been romantically linked to British singer Jess Glynne since summer 2023.

Women’s Health UK May front cover with all editorial, crediting: ‘Mark Cant / Women’s Health UK’.
Women’s Health UK May front cover (Matt Monfredi /Women’s Health UK)

Speaking about her relationship, Scott told Women’s Health UK: “I’m in this bubble at the moment… I am more open to accepting and being more vulnerable and I’m absolutely enjoying this stage.

“I’m enjoying being like, okay, I’m just gonna roll with this. I think, before, I was very walls up. All those walls have, like, come down.”

The 39-year-old has previously been outspoken about being on the receiving end of trolling and racist abuse.

Women’s Health UK May front cover with all editorial, crediting: ‘Mark Cant / Women’s Health UK’.
Alex Scott (Matt Monfredi /Women’s Health UK)

She told the magazine that she uses the torrent as “a bit of ammunition to keep going and celebrate, because you’re rubbing all the people like them up the wrong way”.

Scott added: “I think it’s always how you hold yourself in those situations, instead of coming back in an attack – that’s why I love someone like Michelle Obama.

“She holds so much grace and dignity and can deliver such a strong, powerful message to be like, here I am, I’m gonna keep thriving… I’m gonna keep killing you with my kindness and doing my job to a level that you cannot stand.”

She also spoke about how she, musicians Stormzy and Little Simz, and England footballer Bukayo Saka understand how “people made us feel”.

“We’re gonna do all we can in our space to keep opening doors for you to come through, and it’s for you to see those doors, put in the hard work, and you keep coming through,” Scott added.

“It’s not even giving back, it’s throwing it forwards.”

The full interview with Alex Scott can be read in the May issue of Women’s Health UK, on sale now or available online here