Taekwondo gold for Attleborough High School’s Jack Spall

Attleborough High School pupil Jack Spall has had a very busy February.

After travelling to North Wales and returning with a gold trophy it was time for the 13-year-old to head to Hereford, just as the bad winter weather struck – although his reward for getting through the snow was a gold medal.

Then it was time to conquer the south west and Salisbury, a competition which has caused him problems in the previous two years. After preparing for the patterns tournament he walked away with a gold and also outright patterns champion.

Sparring was next on the agenda; he received a bye in his first match and in the second won 10-0. In the semi-finals there was another 10-0 victory and in the finals Jack cleaned up, winning 10-1 – an outstanding achievement as he returned to the Anglian Academy of Taekwondo a very proud double gold winner.

'I have struggled at this competition in the previous two years, but this time with the fantastic training of my instructor Master Wurr I followed his advice as best as I could,' said Jack.

'He has started training me at his gym in Fakenham to improve my fitness levels and being the only competitor from East Anglia I am proud to add these to the Academy's trophy cabinet.'

Anyone wishing to become a member of the Anglia Academy Of Taekwondo call Master Tod Wurr on 01362 637030 for more information, or pop down to the scout hut on a Thursday evening at 6.30pm – all ages very welcome.

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