Rugby: Big wins for Wymondham Wasps

Leighton Buzzard 0, Wymondham Wasps 72

Wymondham travelled away for the final time this season and from the first whistle looked to assert themselves.

In the second minute of the game good pattern play created space out wide and Crowther ran in the first of her five tries and the first of a 12-try haul for the Wasps. Plunkett converted.

The tone was set and Wymondham's attack was relentless creating overlaps time and again. Inevitably the home side's stretched defence was breached and Crowther ran in her second in the eighth minute.

Wymondham were now in full control and it was only a further five minutes when Clarke scored under the posts again converted by Plunkett. Crowther's hat-trick came in the 18th minute, again converted.

Lockwood and Brumpton wrote their names on the scoresheet along with debutant winger Devaux to make it 41-0 at half-time.

Dyche scored 10 minutes into the second half, but the scoring began to slow until on 20 minutes Crowther broke free and scored once more, converted by Plunkett.

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This spurred Wymondham on and a return to the successful formula of the first half produced the opportunity for Lockwood to score her second, again converted.

Only two minutes followed before Crook took advantage of a gap in the defence and scored another for the visitors.

The strength and resolve of the home side had by now been seriously depleted and with the last action in the game Crowther scored her fifth of the game.

Wymondham Wasps 65, Peterborough 0

Wymondham played their first home game of 2012 on a pitch where the going was heavy before disintegrating into a quagmire.

Dyche opened the scoring before Crook and DeVaux added two more tries.

A small slip in Peterborough's ruck defence was spotted by Dyche who powered through an attempted tackle to run almost 50m to score her second.

On 21 minutes Crowther scored the first of five tries. With seven first-half tries and three conversions Wymondham had for the second game amassed 41 points in one half.

Dyche managed to wriggle her way through the smallest of gaps and break free of the pursuing defence and score her third of the day, which she converted.

More pressure from Peterbrough brought more defence from Wymondham which held firm, often gaining ground. Front-foot defence provided opportunities for Dyche and Taylor to jackal.

Turnover ball left an undefended blind side which was exploited by Lockwood who scored the final try of the game despite close attention from the Peterborough cover defence.

The referee brought an end to the game at the point when he could no longer tell the teams apart due to the mud layer both sides were enveloped in.