CYCLE SPEEDWAY: Hethersett Hawks refuse to be overawed

Hethersett Hawks took their team of home-grown talent to face unbeaten Elite League side Birmingham, who have attracted riders from as far afield as south Wales.

The match was in the first round of the British Team Cup and the Hawks were not there to provide an easy passage for one of the favourites.

As early as heat three Nick Myhill and Phil Adams left top rider Paul Heard struggling at the back in a 6-4 win and two races later Harley Hamill slipped when about to join Dan Chambers in what would have been a 7-3 win.

The Hawks were 14 points down at the interval, then Hamill and Ben Collins engineered a good 5-5. By heat 15 the tie was not in doubt, but the Hethersett side did not give up with that heat needing three re-runs as the Adams brothers stood up to strong team tactics.

In the final heat Myhill, who had dropped only one point in three rides, forced two fouls from opponents trying to keep him at bay and the Hawks ended with a 7-0 victory. They came away with their pride intact knowing that they had given the home side a tough match.

Birmingham 103 Hethersett 73 (N Myhill 15, L Cossey 14, D Chambers 11, D Martin 8, B Collins 8, P Adams 8, H Hamill ,5 D Adams 4).

n The Hawks' youth teams contested League matches at Harford Park. Tyler Matthews was in good form in the U10s as the riders struggled to cope with depleted sides and gale force winds.

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U10s – Kesgrave I 54 Kesgrave II 37 Ipswich 37 Hethersett 18 Norwich 0 (T Matthews 13, G Awbery 5).

U14s – Ipswich 69 Kesgrave II 69, Norwich 54, Kesgrave I 41, North Park 34, Hethersett 14, Somersham 0 (K Adams 8, ONicholas 6).