Bunwell hit record score in win over Caister

BUNWELL'S unbeaten start to the season in RJ Bidewell Division Three continued in fine fashion with a comprehensive 154-run win over Caister.

Bunwell finished their 40 overs with a Sunday team record score of 302.

They elected to bat first on a good-looking pitch. D Cannell was first out for 51, bringing D Parfitt (92) to the crease and G Barnes was soon to follow for 53. S Turner (62no) then joined Parfitt and together they proceeded to carry on with the high run rate.

Once Parfitt lost his wicket Bunwell already seemed to be in a very strong position with their total but G Pitcher (15) and A Henderson (8 not out) carried on with the runs free flowing.

Caister opener R Stokes (80no) held up his end to bat through the full 40 overs but only only three other players reached double figures.

G Robbie and I Nichols excelled with their spin bowling, finishing with five wickets between them.

Bunwell beat Caister by 154 runs in RJ Bidewell Division Three.

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Bunwell: D Cannell c M Clarke b J Clarke 51, G Barnes c Ali Townsend 53, D Parfitt st Stokes 92, S Turner not out 62, G Pitcher lbw Ali 15, A Henderson not out 8; extras 21. Total (40 overs) 302-4. Bowling: C Tennant 10-0-59-0, M Ali 6-0-30-1, N Johnson 4-0-31-0, R Kerrison 2-0-18-0, C Townsend 5-0-41-1, R Stokes 7-0-45-1, J Clarke 6-0-76-1.

Caister: R Stokes not out 80, M Church b Nichols 1, J Harris c-b Nichols 0, M Clarke c Parfitt b Robbie 11, H Baldwin lbw Robbie 1, C Townsend b Robbie 1, I Ali c Barber b Parfitt 11, J Clarke c-b Parfitt 2, N Johnson c Pattison b Barber 1, R Kerrison not out 14; extras 26. Total (40 overs) 148-8. Bowling: N Barber 7-0-23-1, I Nichols 9-3-12-2, A Shaw 3-0-18-0, G Robbie 10-4-31-3, G Pitcher 6-0-27-0, D Parfitt 4-1-6-2, A Pattison 1-0-16-0.

Bunwell beat Marsh by 71 runs in the Wensum Cup.

Bunwell: J Hipperson not out rtd 32, D Parfitt b Newman 15, D Cannell run out 31, G Pitcher run out 0, A Pattison b Newman 0, G Fossey c M Pepper b J Pepper 13, N Aston c-b J Pepper 1, S Winsor b Lane 0, N Barber not out 19, G Robbie not out 25; extras 21. Total (20 overs) 157-7. Bowling: Fowler 2-0-17-0, Gridley 4-0-40-0, Newman 4-0-24-2, J Pepper 4-0-27-2, M Pepper 4-0-19-0, Lane 2-0-16-1.

Marsh: Stevens b Nichols 1, Boal b Nichols 0, Wright lbw Barber 12, Short b Winsor 21, Denny lbw Fossey 13, Lane b Fossey 12, Gridley not out 11, M Pepper b Aston 4, J Pepper b Nichols 0, Fowler c Pattison b Nichols 0, Newman not out 0; extras 13. Total (20 overs) 86-9. Bowling Aston 4-0-14-1, Nichols 3-2-1-4, Robbie 3-0-20-0, Barber 3-0-11-1, Winsor 3-0-20-1, Fossey 4-0-13-2.