Bowls – Connaught A chasing Norwich Cup final place

Connaught BC have had a fragmented few weeks with gaps between matches followed by a flurry.

The highlight has been a first-leg semi-final 17-7 win for Connaught A at Sprowston in the county-wide Norwich Cup. The Connaught players rose to the occasion in the testing six-end format to surprise a Sprowston side currently top of the City League. To reach the final Connaught A now need to secure eight points by winning four out of 12 triples in the return home leg.

In the Breckland League, Connaught A made steady progress with wins at home against Banham by 8-2 (shots 83-45) and against Hingham Yellow by 8-2 (shots 73-58). Sheila Bragg, Sylvia Parsons and Bill Adcock each skipped their triples to two wins in these matches.

In the South Norfolk League Connaught had a limp defeat at Watton by 2-8 and 35-52, although Alison Rush had a good win when skipping the father and son combination of Chris and James Haylock. Connaught then redeemed matters somewhat with a win at home to Horsford by 7-3 and 55-35, with Sheila Bragg storming to a 26-4 victory.

In the Tens League, Connaught lost at home to the strong Bob Carter side by 29-55 and 0-4, although Sylvia Parsons and Christine Musk showed what could be done by drawing 9-9 against a pair skipped by England international M Woods.