Wymondham set for latest classic film screening

Payroll, a tense British thriller from 1961, is the Regal Experience Group's next classic presentation at the Wymondham Ex-Services' Club, on Sunday, October 2.

The movie, which starts at the town's former Regal Cinema at 2.30pm, stars Michael Craig as the ruthless leader of a small-time gang of crooks, who snatch a large company's �100,000 weekly payroll in a violent robbery.

Then things begin to go wrong, particularly when the seductive wife of a crooked company employee adds a complication. It all leads to a dramatic climax. Also starring are Billie Whitelaw and French actress Francoise Prevost. Last year, Regal Experience members met Michael Craig at his Monmouthshire home and he told them how he enjoyed making the movie.

Among the supporting films is another evocative short from the British Film Institute. This Year London is a documentary made in the Summer of 1951, which follows the adventures of the staff of a boot and shoe factory on a Saturday excursion by train to the capital. It shows them enjoying the journey, sightseeing during the day and sampling the night-life of the West End in the evening before their journey home.

Tickets are available at the Wymondham Heritage Museum and from Maureen Dodman on 01953 605593 or Michael Armstrong 01953 603246 . Ticket are �5 and �4 for concessions.