Wymondham hunt outfoxed by weather

Hundreds of people crowded into Wymondham this week for the traditional Boxing Day gathering of the Dunston Harriers, despite the freezing conditions leading to the actual hunt being called off.

The solid icy ground meant it was too dangerous for the horses and hounds to take to the surrounding countryside, but members still carried out their annual town centre parade.

About 15 horses, their riders and a pack of hounds entered the Market Place at 11am on Monday.

The spectacle, mirrored in rural towns across the country, came as the government said more pressing issues meant the promised free vote on repealing the Hunting Act, which became law in 2005, would have to be postponed.

Brad Webb, master of the Dunston Harriers, said: 'It went very well - there was a good lot of people there. We had as many horses as we could get out although they have not been out in four weeks. We could not go hunting because the ground was so hard and frozen. We just went back to the car park.'

On awaiting the Hunting Act vote, he added: 'There will be a vote and that's what we are all working towards. Obviously the government have got a lot to be worried about at the moment. This (the Hunting Act) is not trivial to us but it is trivial when you look at everything else going on.'