Do you have the best Norfolk dad joke? Let's be havin' them!

Tony Vale, creator and organiser of Lemon Day in Wymondham. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Tony Vale, creator and organiser of Lemon Day in Wymondham. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2018

Over the years, Norfolk has become notorious for its unusual and smile-inducing place names – and quite honestly, we couldn’t be prouder.

From Stiffkey to Happisburgh, Wymondham to Costessey, the county’s weird and wonderful town and villages have lent themselves to numerous ditties and limericks. 

So, inspired during the run-up to this year’s Norfolk Day – an event which takes place on July 27 every year - a talking newspaper urged its listeners to have a go themselves. 

The Wymondham and Attleborough Talking Newspaper is calling out to its former volunteers to join the

The Wymondham and Attleborough Talking Newspaper has signed up for Cash for Charities - Credit: Archant

Tony Vale, chairman and co-editor of the Wymondham and Attleborough Talking Newspaper (WATN), said: “In the run-up to this year’s Norfolk Day, the WATN included a selection of Norfolk dad jokes on each of its weekly editions.

“Each joke included the name of a Norfolk town or village, and the WATN invited members of the public to make their own suggestions.” 

The team received a number of witty responses via social media, and have since shared them with their listeners. And while the Norfolk Dad Jokes segment has concluded, the team has decided to keep Dad Jokes as a regular feature. 

Here are some of the best ones received so far:   

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  • If you print your own banknotes it means that you are Fakenham.  
  • A horse that continually throws its ride is well used to Buckenham. 
  • Aylsham and North Walsham both have an Ellingham. 
  • If you have a job getting in your front door you must have a Stiffkey. 
  • The best tug of war competitors must come from Pulham. 
  • Once discharged from the hospital, it's good to move to Feltwell.  
  • Where's the best place to go after lunch? Eaton.  
  • Where do you shop for expensive meat? Dereham.  
  • I was told that I was going to have to live on a wartime airfield. I was Seething.  
  • I was late for work today. My Carbrooke.
  • Which Norfolk village has the creepiest crawlies? Beetley. 
  • Wellies are the most uncomfortable footwear and walking is Hardingham.  
  • If you fall down Wells you Holt when you get to the Bodham.

For more information about Wymondham and Attleborough Talking Newspaper, or to submit a Dad Joke of your own, visit

And if you like those, then check out our very own master of dad jokes himself, Ian Clarke, and read his suggestions, which kept spirits high during lockdown.

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