'It's a nightmare' - Roadworks leave town 'gridlocked'

Traffic at a standstill in Attleborough due to roadworks in Surrogate Street, Church Street, and Sta

People living in Attleborough say they are 'fed up' with roadworks in the town. - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2018

Roadworks have left one Norfolk town "gridlocked" according to those living there.

The roadworks on Besthorpe Road in Attleborough have seen temporary lights in place since Monday causing delays of over 40 minutes across the town.

Work, which is due to be completed on Wednesday, will see fibreoptic broadband installed in the town.

Carol Tochin, 64, who lives in the town and has worked in Barclays bank for 46 years, said traffic was making it "impossible" to get around the town.

Besthorpe Road, where temporary traffic lights have caused "gridlock" in the town.

Besthorpe Road, where temporary traffic lights have caused "gridlock" in the town. - Credit: Google Maps

She said: "It just seems to be gridlocked all round the town, seems like really bad planning.

"I love where I life but traffic is a nightmare, it took me 40 minutes to travel a quarter of a mile yesterday.

"Roadworks have to happen but with it being gridlocked and people taking so long to make short journeys.

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"Today it is a little bit freer moving, but at rush hour points it's particularly bad.

"It's a shame because you can't just walk everywhere, this is rural area so people need to drive."

Ms Tochin took to Facebook to share her frustrations and was met with over 50 complaints from fellow town folk.

One commenter on her post, Gary Bagnall said: "After 22 years of living in Attleborough, I am getting seriously fed up with the amount of hold ups, roadworks, temporary lights and broken level crossing gates.

"This small town simply cannot cope."

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Norfolk County Council said it expected work to be completed on time adding that it had made people in the town advanced notice of delays.

A council spokesman said: "We’re aware of some traffic congestion in Attleborough due to the roadworks by the junction at Besthorpe Road. 

"The company has assured us works have made good progress and will be completed by the end of tomorrow.

"Norfolk County Council work closely with utilities providers to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum when installation or maintenance is carried out, however some delays are inevitable when working in urban areas.

"All roadworks are advertised in advance to give drivers an opportunity to plan alternative journeys while work is ongoing.

"The council will continue to work with our partners to ensure any roadworks are planned properly, advertised promptly and kept to as short a timescale as possible to allow works to be completed to high standards."