The Blues Brothers hit Wymondham College

The infectious, toe-tapping beats of the Blues Brothers were heard echoing down the hallways of Wymondham College. Students got into the party spirit as the Official Chicago Blues Brothers Show rolled into school on Thursday and taught the youngsters a thing or two about American blues and soul.

Not only did they get to quiz the production team about their experiences, many of whom have previously toured the world with household names from the music industry, but they also got a chance to rehearse with the band and even perform during a concert in the evening.

Twenty student trumpet players joined in a rendition of Minnie the Moocher, while dancers from the college strutted their stuff to the funky music in front of a packed crowd of friends and parents in the sports hall. The concert was used as a fundraiser for the college's parent staff association.

The popular Blues Brothers show, which performs all the major songs from the Blues Brothers movies, was brought to the school by music teacher Dave Land, who also plays trumpet in the band.

Producer Pete Tobit who took the role of lead vocalist Jake Blues, the character made famous by actor John Belushi, said the college students showed some real talent.

'The sound they created was phenomenal. It sounded better then some professional musicians,' he said.

'The kids thoroughly enjoyed it and we got a great deal out of it as well. It's fantastic to see young people actually taking the time out to want to know more about the industry.'