How you can create a hedgehog haven

Two of the four baby hedgehogs at the Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital, disturbed from a nest with their mo

Hedgehogs are in decline in the UK. - Credit: Denise Bradley

Community groups are coming together to help save hedgehogs in their town – and they want your help.

Greening Wymondham has launched an initiative to help the mammals, with numbers declining rapidly across the UK.

Nicola Maunders is leading the project with town councillor Annette James, and they are planning events to "get the word out that these wonderful creatures need our help".

Mrs Maunders said: "Something as simple as leaving out a shallow dish of water every night makes a big difference to their survival.

Annette James, left, and Nicola Maunders want to turn Wymondham into a 'hedgehog haven'.

Annette James, left, and Nicola Maunders want to turn Wymondham into a 'hedgehog haven'. - Credit: Greening Wymondham

"Other things you can do include cutting a hole in a fence panel to create a hedgehog highway that means they can roam freely – they ideally need around eight linked gardens as they can wander up to one mile a night – and making a feeding station."

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An event is planned at the famer's market on May 15, along with a free webinar on June 3.

Contact Greening Wymondham for more information.

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