Man with a history of mental health struggles took his own life

Neil Davis died on February 27. Photo: Submitted

Neil Davis died on February 27. Photo: Submitted - Credit: Archant

A father-of-four who struggled to ask for help with his mental health took his own life, an inquest has heard.

Neil Davis, of Pine Court, Attleborough, died in Woodland off Crowshall Lane, Attleborough, on Wednesday, February 27.

At an inquest held on Tuesday into the 48 year-old's death, Norfolk Coroner's court heard the former carer had a history of mental health problems, self harm and had made previous attempts to end his life.

In a statement Tina Davis, Mr Davis' wife of eight years, said her husband had a history of suicide attempts which the couple had discussed but Mr Davis "didn't think he needed any help."

Recounting the events leading up to February 27, Mrs Davis said in the 18 months prior to her husband's death his relationship with his children had "broken down" and in December 2018 he had experienced "thoughts of killing himself."

The court heard how on the evening of Monday, February 24, Mr Davis went to A&E after taking a number of tablets, but after two hours at the hospital discharged himself.

Mrs Davis said: "During our relationship, [Neil] had had times when he was down.

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"He never said why he wanted to harm himself, never went to the doctors, didn't get the help.

"Even though he had down days, he would joke and laugh about it but would never really do it."

The court also heard that prior to his death, Mr Davis had left a number of notes putting his affairs in order and leaving instructions for his funeral, he also left a will.

The court also heard evidence from the police officers who found Mr Davis' body and his GP.

A toxicology report found no traces of drugs or alcohol in Mr Davis' blood or urine at the time of his death.

Giving a conclusion of suicide, Yvonne Blake, area coroner for Norfolk, said: "Mr Davis appears to have been quite clear minded of his intentions and there was a history of self harm attempts where he sought help from the hospital but no one else.

"So, I am clear that [Mr Davis] did understand the consequences of what he was going to do, and that was his intention."

Following the inquest, Mrs Davis said: "I just hope others reach out and get help."

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