Letter: Wymondham playground is unbearable

Many Wymondham residents want the King's Head Meadow relocation halted and the park to remain in pl

Many Wymondham residents want the King's Head Meadow relocation halted and the park to remain in place. However, not everyone is against the plan, as this letter proves. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2016

Letter from Crispin Hill and Margit van den Brande, Orchard Way, Wymondham

HAVING lived on Orchard Way in Wymondham for 10 years we had no issue with the playground until it was extended and built to back on to ours and neighbouring properties in 2014. We weren't consulted on location or size. Since then we've repeatedly endured a disturbing and unacceptable intrusion of noise.

The busiest times on the playground are after school, evenings, weekends and holidays.

Unfortunately, due to its proximity and size, the noise level is often unbearable, unpredictable and makes it impossible for us to enjoy our garden just at those times, as above, that we would most like.

Then, come evening, the teenagers regularly gather: shouting, swearing, loud music, drinking and vandalism just metres from our house.

Our children are frequently unable to sleep. No right minded parent would want their child exposed to such behaviour and foul language, particularly at home where there is no retreat.

The question is, why was the enlarged playground located so close to houses?

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The town council knew this was likely to cause problems because they'd had similar issues elsewhere and this was raised by some councillors at the time. Why couldn't it have been placed where it would have been less intrusive to residents, instead of immediately adjacent to the only boundary with houses?

Why didn't Wymondham Town Council seek guidance from South Norfolk Council and other appropriate organisations with the available expertise? Why did the town council ignore existing guidelines?

As parents we were initially reluctant to raise a formal complaint but having made no progress with the town council, felt we had no choice, along with our neighbours, to complain to South Norfolk Council.

They've monitored the situation, acknowledged our complaints validity and recommended a resolution.

Although we sympathise with some sentiments aired, we feel victims of the previous council's actions and would like this resolved as soon as possible.


Orchard Way, Wymondham