Hethersett High pupils proud of new uniform

Hethersett High School pupils have a new uniform.

Residents of Hethersett and the surrounding villages will have noticed a change on the streets, as students returned to school with large numbers of them wearing the new school uniform.

The uniform was introduced as a result of a consultation exercise instigated by a request from a group of students to wear blazers and ties. All Year 7 students are in the new uniform and large numbers of the other year groups are wearing it too.

Headteacher Kerry Jordan said: 'The results of the consultation were overwhelmingly positive and this is supported by the large numbers of our existing students who are not only wearing the new uniform with pride but enjoy wearing it and feel comfortable too.'

Head girl Alice and head boy Clement have also opted to wear the new school uniform. Clement explained 'I enjoy feeling smart and I like the image it creates for the school.'

Alice added: 'There is a good atmosphere around the school and I feel proud to wear this uniform.