Siblings inspire school to fundraise in honour of nan's tumour fight

Madison and Ruby Miller, who are fundraising to support their nan's brain tumour fight

Madison and Ruby Miller, who are fundraising to support their nan's brain tumour fight - Credit: Brain Tumour Research

Two sisters whose grandmother is suffering with a brain tumour have inspired their entire school to fundraise in her honour.

Madison and Ruby Miller, aged 10 and eight, have organised for their entire school, Browick Primary in Wymondham, to take part in Wear a Hat Day later this month.

They were inspired by their grandmother, 62-year-old Diane Solomon, who in August last year was diagnosed with grade 4 glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) after experiencing problems with her sight, hearing, and taste, which developed into seizures.

Her health is now deteriorating after radiotherapy and chemotherapy to try and shrink her tumour failed - and she recently learned it had doubled in size.

But her fight has inspired her two granddaughters to fundraise in her honour to try and prevent others from going through the same experience as her.

Diane Solomon and daughter Kirsty

Diane Solomon and daughter Kirsty - Credit: Brain Tumour Research

Mother Kirsty, 35, said: "Ruby and Madi know at this point they can't help Nanny but to stop anyone else from having to go through this is so important to them. 

"Mum has dealt with everything incredibly well, never getting upset and remaining so brave.

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"She is very spiritual so believes if this is it then this is what is meant to be. She is completely at peace, although worried about leaving me, my sister and my brother."

The siblings were keen to find a way of supporting their grandmother's cause and learned of Wear a Hat Day, which takes place on March 25 each year.

They asked their mother whether they would be able to take part at school, who in term went in to ask permission - and was delighted with the school's response.

She added: "I went in to ask the headteacher if she'd allow Madi and Rubi to wear their hats on the day and she sent an invite out asking all the other kids to take part in exchange for a £1 donation, so I was really chuffed about that.

"She's also allowing Ruby and Madi to sell their charity pin badges at school."

Charlie Allsebrook, community development manager at Brain Tumour Research, said: "Ruby and Madi are amazing; we can't thank them and Browick Primary School enough."

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