'Enthusiastic and energetic' - St John manager is stepping down

Christopher Levis and the High Sherriff at Felbrigg Hall.

The hard work and dedication and hard work by St John Ambulance district manager Christopher Levis was acknowledged by the High Sherriff of Norfolk Michael Gurney. - Credit: Supplied

An "enthusiastic and energetic" manager for St John Ambulance, whose hard work was recognised by the High Sherriff, is stepping down.

Christopher Levis, from Norwich, joined St John Ambulance in 2009 while he was studying at the University of East Anglia.

He was acknowledged by Norfolk High Sherriff Michael Gurney for his valuable service to the community.

Christopher Levis and the High Sherriff at Felbrigg Hall.

Christopher Levis was given an award by the High Sherriff of Norfolk whist he was at work at Felbrigg Hall. - Credit: Supplied

Mr Levis became district manager in 2014 and led the charity during  the pandemic, attracting over 340 new volunteers and supporting vaccination centres across the county.

A spokesperson for St John Ambulance said: "Chris has been a trusted, effective and popular district manager in Norfolk for several years.

"He has inspired both adult and younger members by his enthusiasm and energy.

"He has been an absolute pleasure to work with, is kind and thoughtful, never loses his cool and is always positive."

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Mr Levis works for the National Trust at Felbrigg Hall.

He will remain with the Norfolk St John Priory Group to advise on property matters and help with recruitment of new volunteers.