'Fantastic' response to leaflet campaign

Residents fighting controversial plans to build 3,000 homes in Wymondham have received a “fantastic response” to their leafleting campaign to raise public awareness.

Residents fighting controversial plans to build 3,000 homes in Wymondham have received a “fantastic response” to their leafleting campaign to raise public awareness.

The Fight for Wymondham group opposes the proposal by Barton Willmore on behalf of Pelham Holdings for a new sustainable “mixed-use” urban extension to the south of the town.

Formed following a public meeting called by the town council at which 300 residents declared their opposition to the plans, the group is currently distributing 8,000 leaflets to local households. The aim is to ensure that everybody knows about the proposed development and its implications.

Campaign spokesman, Julie de Rohan, said: “We are in the midst of distributing the leaflets, and more will be going out, and we are having a fantastic response. It is quite amazing that so many people don't know about the development and this was the primary aim - to get people aware. I am having a steady stream of phone calls and emails of support.

“We are not against any development, but one of this size would be ridiculous. There are only 6,000 homes in Wymondham and to suggest a 50pc increase on that is impossible to imagine. It would turn an historic town into a great big urban sprawl and this is not why people want to live here.

“It would forever change the face of the town, there would be stress on the infrastructure, damage to wildlife, pressure on schools and medical services and congestion. We want as many people so join us as possible in opposing these plans and making a difference.”

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Christopher Kent, a town councillor for Wymondham's Cromwells ward, said the public feeling against the development seemed to be unanimous. He said: “We had a public meeting and it was obvious there that not one person was supportive of the development. “The town council and the public are totally against it. This development is too large and on top of other existing developments we just don't have the infrastructure to deal with it.”

Pelham Holdings says its plans will provide the area with much needed new homes over the next 12 years, together with new job opportunities and community facilities. Under the scheme, the company is proposing to build 3,000 homes, 750 of which will be affordable, a business park and new infrastructure facilities and services necessary to support them, including a primary school, a sixth-form college, a nursery and three local centres providing shops and other facilities including a medical centre.

The campaign group is urging people opposed to the development to write to South Norfolk Council's planning department. It has also launched a website with information about how people can get involved.

For more details, or to offer help distributing leaflets, call Ms de Rohan on 07766 287 233 or email

supporter@fightforwymondham.com or visit the website www.fightforwymondham.com

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