Headteacher's plea after near miss involving child in pushchair

Nine-year-old Sam Arnold, a pupil at Wymondham's Browick Road Primary School, is excited at becoming

Wymondham's Browick Road Primary and Nursery School headteacher, Pauline McMullan. - Credit: Denise Bradley

A headteacher has urged parents to take more care on the school run after an incident involving a car and a child in a pushchair.

Pauline McMullan, head at Browick Road Primary and Nursery School in Wymondham, has asked parents to park more considerately or avoid driving altogether where possible when dropping off or picking up their children.

It comes after an incident on Friday morning, April 30, caused by a car in the no parking zone outside the school.

Mrs McMullan said: "I understand there was a car parked where it shouldn't have been.

"We have the normal zigzag lines and we also have a single yellow line beyond the school, which has a time limit which says people are not allowed to park there between 8am and 6pm –including both our drop off and pick up times.

Six weeks of roadworks will take place in Browick Road, Wymondham, between its junction with Ayton R

The near miss incident occurred outside Browick Road Primary and Nursery School on Friday morning, April 30. - Credit: Daniel Moxon

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"I understand the child was being brought to our nursery and was in a buggy. The child wasn't hurt, but it's quite concerning for everybody."

Parents were informed of the incident when an email was sent out by the school at 11.15am on Friday.

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The message said staff were "extremely disappointed and concerned" to learn of the incident, adding: "Luckily the child in the pushchair was unhurt."

Mrs McMullan said the school had done everything in its power to prevent these incidents, adding: "It's really disappointing to have to constantly ask parents to be considerate and safe."

She said: "We've always sent out ParentMails, got the school council involved, talked about safety in assemblies, put road safety signs on the front of the school and no parking signs.

"We even went to the trouble of making it enforceable – outside most schools it isn't, but we've paid to have that done – but unfortunately it does still happen.

"This is happening at all Wymondham schools because they were built before people drove to school.

"In this day and age, most people should be within walking distance of their school. And if people did walk or cycle to school then there wouldn't be these issues."

While Browick Road has "very little parking" available, parents are able to park in Ayton Road, and the nearby Morrisons supermarket "has very kindly agreed for parents to park there for a very short period".

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