Norfolk girl wins easyJet's aeroplane design competition

Cerys Armstrong, eight from Attleborough in Norfolk, who won easyJet Aircraft of the Future competition

Cerys Armstrong unveils her zero-emission passenger plane design as she is named as one of two winners of the easyJet Aircraft of the Future competition, at Luton Airport. - Credit: Joe Pepler/PinPep

A Norfolk girl has won a national competition to design the "plane of the future".

Cerys Armstrong, aged eight and from Attleborough, has been announced as the winner of easyJet's Aircraft of the Future competition after she wowed the judges with her design.

Cerys won alongside Lara Wong, aged 15 and from Epsom in Surrey.

The competition was for children to design a zero-emission passenger plane and was launched in October.

The judges were impressed with the designs, with Frank Stephenson, designer and judge, saying: “We have been blown away by the designs we have seen, children's imaginations are so powerful in fuelling ideas and creativity. Huge congratulations to Cerys and Lara."

Cerys Armstrong's winning design for easyJet Aircraft of the Future

Cerys Armstrong's winning design for easyJet Aircraft of the Future - Credit: Taylor Herring

EasyJet’s first officer Debbie Thomas, who was on the judging panel and is an engineer and zero-emission aircraft modeller, said: “Cerys and Lara have inspired us all with their winning designs – we’d love to see them join easyJet as engineers one day, working on zero-emission aircraft of the future.”

Cerys' 'ecojet' is battery powered and made from materials like tree sap fibres and carbon fibre for fuel efficiency. She also included solar panels on the wings to power the interior, such as the lights and onboard entertainment.

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Cerys said of her design: "I liked creating it myself, nature and the environment was my inspiration."

She planned for the inside to have flooring made of jute-based honeycomb panels, LED lighting and massage chairs. The seats are made of recycled foam and bamboo fibre.

Frank Stephenson and Cerys Armstrong, easyJet Aircraft of the Future competition

Frank Stephenson and Cerys Armstrong discussing her zero-emission passenger plane design for the easyJet competition. - Credit: Doug Peters/PA Wire

Cerys also wanted the catering services to be green. Reusable cups will be made of banana leaves, cutlery will be made of bamboo, fresh fruit and vegetables will be available to passengers and there will be a compost bin on board.

All design entries were judged by a panel of experts in flying, sustainability, design and zero-emission technology.

Among the panel were a zero-emission aircraft expert, easyJet director of sustainability and the chief executive of a company developing a zero-emission short-haul plane.

The panel judged entries on the quality of the design, interpretation of the theme, creativity, innovation, practicality and, most of all, how the design has considered sustainability and the environment.

Cerys received a 3D model of her design by Mr Stephenson, a world-famous automotive transportation designer, as well as an experience in an easyJet full-flight simulator and return flights to anywhere on the airline’s network for the winner’s immediate family.

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