Flytipper jailed for 16 weeks for dumping waste on farmland


Paul McNulty captured on camera flytipping at Horstead - Credit: Broadland and South Norfolk Councils

A flytipper who dumped waste from a Norwich office conversion on farmland has been jailed for 16 weeks.

Paul McNulty was caught on camera at a farm in Horstead dumping concrete, plasterboard, waste timber and roof sheeting among other items.


The waste which was flytipped by Paul McNulty. - Credit: Broadland and South Norfolk Councils

The camera had been installed at the farm following previous incidents of flytipping.

On Tuesday afternoon McNulty, 45, was jailed for 16 weeks at Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court after he had pleaded guilty to four counts each of being an unregistered carrier of controlled waste and depositing controlled waste.

The court McNulty had used a tipper truck to dump the waste from the building work at Union Buildings in Rose Lane in May and June last year.

He had claimed he had the necessary paperwork to take away the waste.

David Lowens, prosecuting on behalf of South Norfolk and Broadland councils, said the farm off Buxton Road had become a flytipping "hotspot" and its owner had installed a camera to catch the offender.

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A joint council investigation was launched after the camera caught McNulty's truck dumping the waste, with a packaging address leading the probe towards Union Buildings.


The vehicle Paul McNulty used was seized during the investigation into his flytipping. - Credit: Broadland and South Norfolk Councils

The court heard when Ali Pridmore, senior investigator, went to the building McNulty was there with his truck and when police were called he tried to reverse away.

It was estimated McNulty had taken away between 40 and 50 truck loads of rubbish from the building and had been paid £3,500 in cash to remove the waste.

Mr Lowens said: "This was a deliberate act, a serious act, undertaken to obtain money."

McNulty has also dumped roofing thatch from a property in Coltishall at the farm and had flytipped waste at Great Melton.

Ian Fisher, mitigating, said McNulty, a scaffolder by trade, had gained possession of his father's truck and after a conversation with "Will the woodman" in a Co-op carpark had got involved in removing waste.

Mr Fisher added: "So began this ill-fated exercise."


Waste which was flytipped by Paul McNulty. - Credit: Broadland and South Norfolk Council

McNulty, a father-of-two who lives at his father's home with his children in Devonshire Street, Norwich, had previous convictions and while in prison in 2018 had suffered a heart attack.

Mr Fisher said: "He is prone to heart failure.  He has been prone to depression. He is never going to get a proper job again."

As well as his 16-week jail sentence, McNulty was handed a two year criminal behaviour order banning him from transporting other people's waste anywhere in the country.