Man accused of attacking friend with six-foot spirit level

Allison Bank flats in Geoffrey Watling Way, Norwich, targeted in a national bank fraud. Picture: DEN

Paul Franey has gone on trial accused of wounding with intent following an incident at flats in Allison Bank, Norwich - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2016

A man repeatedly struck a friend with a six-foot long aluminium spirit level in a revenge attack on a friend who had tried to stop him drink-driving, a court heard

Paul Franey, 31, has gone on trial at Norwich Crown Court,  having denied wounding with intent.

It follows an incident in a flat at Allison Bank, near Geoffrey Watling Way, Norwich, on October 24 2018.

Jude Durr, who opened the prosecution case on Monday (June 6), said Franey and the victim, who were friends, had been drinking at the Bell and Queen of Iceni in the city before going back to continue drinking back at the victim's flat at Allison Bank.

The jury of 10 men and two women heard others were there for drinks but things "started to go awry" when the victim, who worked as a carpenter, tried to stop Franey from driving himself home as he had been drinking.

Mr Durr said the victim, who had offered to get Franey a taxi, "put himself between Mr Franey and the front door" in the hallway of the flat.

Franey forcefully shoved the victim back into his tools, including a six-foot spirit level.

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The victim spilt his drink over the floor and was later grabbed by the throat by Franey who then attempted to "gouge" his left eye.

Mr Durr said the victim repeatedly shouted at Franey to get off him but his protestations had little effect.

The victim managed "out of desperation" to strike Franey with his empty glass which allowed the victim to "make something of an escape".

But Franey shouted back at the victim: "You don't glass me" and embarked on a "revenge attack" during which he struck the victim with the six-foot spirit level.

Mr Durr said: "He started repeatedly clubbing him over the back and the right side of his back".

The victim, who was on his hands and knees, tried to crawl into the bathroom to escape but was dealt a further blow to the head by Franey who punched him in the head "a number of times".

Franey told the victim "You see what happens when you glass me" as he carried out the repeated and "prolonged assault".

Mr Durr said when he injured the victim he "intended to cause really serious injury".

Franey, of Verdens Lane, Wymondham, denies wounding with intent.

The trial continues.