The odd 'essentials' you can buy at shops open in lockdown

outside discount store

Did you know you can buy doggie peanut butter at B&M? - Credit: Archant library

Many retailers across Norfolk are allowed to stay open in the latest lockdown due to being deemed essential by the government.

But are slime, meal worms and doggie peanut butter really essential?

Some stores have cordoned off non-essential goods depending on the nature of what they are selling, but there are still plenty of oddities across Norfolk and Waveney on sale.

Here's some of the most unusual things you can find to buy in essential stores currently open:

Scooby Peanut Butter 340g

Scooby peanut butter for dogs. - Credit: B&M

Doggie peanut butter: Available in a 340g jar for £2.99 at B&M. Who knew there was such a 'natural tasty treat' available for your pet pooch? Containing no palm oil but 100pc natural, this high in protein snack even comes with a picture of Scooby Doo on the label. 

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Mealworms for sale at QD. - Credit: QD

A bag of meal worms: 99p from QD. These bags of 100g dried meal worms are just the thing to keep garden birds fed. Apparently they contain high levels of energy helping to keep your feathered friends healthy in lockdown.

images of black and white mints

Black and white mints on sale at Grape Tree. - Credit: Grape Tree

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A bag of vintage sweets: £5 from Grape Tree. Sweet-toothed shopper can bag two 500g servings of sweeties including black and white mints, pear drops and fruit jellies in this current deal.

Incredible hulk bath slime

Incredible Hulk bath slime from Superdrug. - Credit: Superdrug

Incredible Hulk bath slime: Three 100ml tubes for £4 from Superdrug. Cleaning products certainly come uner the 'essential' banner and now it can be fun as well. 

American breakfast cereal: Eight mini boxes of cereals, most of which are not easily available in the UK, cost £3.99 from B&M. The cereals include Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Trix, and Frosted Cheerios.

AMERICAN CEREAL brekfast pack 8PK 259g

American cereal on sale at B&M. - Credit: B&M

belt hanger

A belt hanger from Thorns DIY. - Credit: Thorns DIY

A belt holder: £9.99 from Norwich's Thorns DIY. Another interesting purchase is this space saving solution for up to 12 belts - clearly a purchase that could not wait until lockdown lifts. 

Christmas themed biscuit barrel

A Christmas biscuit barrel for sale at Thorns. - Credit: Thorns DIY

Holly and mistletoe themed metal biscuit barrel: £3.99 from Thorns. For many people who are still not allowed to go back to the office Christmas might as well just carry on through January.

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