‘No more green land under concrete’: town’s residents oppose 80 homes

The development site next to the A11. Picture: Google

The development site next to the A11. Picture: Google - Credit: Archant

Town residents are opposing a development of 80 homes because they do not want any more green space to go 'under concrete'.

The layout of the homes. Picture: Brown&Co

The layout of the homes. Picture: Brown&Co - Credit: Archant

Plans for the homes have been submitted to Breckland Council by Brown & Co for an area of green land in Attleborough.

The site, a 3.61ha area north of Blackthorn Road, is currently used as a grazing space for horses for a nearby home.

In the Breckland Council planning documents, Brown & Co said there would be a green space, swale and noise reduction measures.

But there are multiple objections, with residents worried Attleborough will be losing more green land.

The site boundary plan submitted to Breckland Council. Picture: Brown&Co

The site boundary plan submitted to Breckland Council. Picture: Brown&Co - Credit: Archant

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One of the objectors, Janis Raynsford, said it was uplifting to see natural beauty in Norfolk.

She said: 'It appears that Attleborough is unable to allow any green spaces to remain which are vital to the quality of life and the wellbeing of its residents and the people of Attleborough.

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'It is good, refreshing, and uplifting to see horses grazing on this land. Given that the Norwich Road development will inevitably go ahead with the destruction of its green meadows and trees, it is essential that no more green land goes under concrete.'

Others commented that Attleborough did not need any more homes.

Sam Overton said: 'Another 80 houses just outside my front door, no thank you. Attleborough is already struggling to support the residents it currently has and the mention of green space does nothing to make this any more attractive.'

But in documents on Breckland's website Brown & Co said the site was suitable for development.

It said: 'Due to its location, the site seems suitable for development of residential dwellings. This would be consistent with the predominant use of land in the locality, including existing residential properties along the south side of Blackthorn Road.

'Attleborough has a very good range of movement options, including public transport, all of which are within easy reach of the application site.

'The site proposal aims to make full use of the available site, providing a mix of dwelling types suitable for family accommodation, whilst taking on board the site constraints.'

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