7 haunted places you can find in Norfolk

PUBLISHED: 10:25 30 October 2020 | UPDATED: 10:47 30 October 2020

Archive of Norwich Castle at night. Photo: Archant Library.

Archive of Norwich Castle at night. Photo: Archant Library.

Archant Library

The end of October means it is now the peak of the spooky season. Norfolk has its fair share of haunted hot spots with many claiming to have experienced paranormal activity. Here are seven haunted places can find in Norfolk.

Blickling Hall

Blickling Hall is said to be home to one of the most famous ghosts, Anne Boleyn, who was beheaded on the orders of her husband Henry VIII after she didn’t provide an heir to the throne in 1536.

Now, on the anniversary of her execution, it is said her headless ghost returns to the residence. At night, Anne Boleyn’s ghost rides up to the house in a coach drawn by a headless horseman, with Anne carrying her own head on her lap.

Blickling Hall. Picture: Lesley BuckleyBlickling Hall. Picture: Lesley Buckley

Felbrigg Hall

A former resident of Felbrigg Hall was William Windham III, he inherited the hall in 1749. William Windham III was obsessed with books, so when a fire broke out in a friend’s London library, he risked his life to rescue precious volumes of books from the fire. He received bad injuries and died a few weeks later.

Staff say they have seen his ghost sitting in the library at Felbrigg Hall. His ghost usually is seen sitting at a library table or in a chair.

Felbrigg Hall. Picture: Bill SmithFelbrigg Hall. Picture: Bill Smith

Stiffkey Marshes

It is said that a young girl called Nancy got lost whilst cockling as the tide started turning and thick fog descended on the marshes. The villagers tried to search for her on their boats but despite hearing her cries, Nancy could not be found.

The next day, Nancy’s body was found and buried in a local churchyard. There have been lots of reports of her ghost roaming the mud flats as well her screams being heard, particularly on a foggy night.

Stiffkey marshes and beach. Picture: Martin SizelandStiffkey marshes and beach. Picture: Martin Sizeland

Raynham Hall

A long time ago a woman named Lady Townshend was locked in a room within the hall after her husband Charles Townshend heard she was cheating on him. She was not allowed out of the room.

The first sighting of Lady Townshend was in 1835, nearly 100 years after her death. For hundreds of years her ghost has apparently appeared in an old brown dress.

Raynham Hall. Picture: Ian BurtRaynham Hall. Picture: Ian Burt

Oxburgh Hall

It is said the ghost of a jilted lover roams the north bedroom and the north staircase of Oxburgh Hall. She was a countess in Italy and it is thought she jumped out of the north bedroom window and drowned in the moat below.

Visitors to the hall have seen a woman in a Tudor dress walking through the grounds and have also felt a drop in temperature. The hall did not have costume volunteers on the day of those reports.

Oxburgh Hall. Picture: Wendy KeeleyOxburgh Hall. Picture: Wendy Keeley

Thetford Priory

The priory, which was built in the 12th century, was a burial site for earls and dukes of the county. Ghostly monks have been seen walking through the ruins and there have been reports of chanting also being heard.

In 1992, a group of teenagers claimed they heard a clinking of keys before they watched a monk run past them. Another sighting of the ghosts claims that a cloaked figure is seen to descend a set of stairs that is not actually there.

The ruins of the church at Thetford Priory. Picture: Denise BradleyThe ruins of the church at Thetford Priory. Picture: Denise Bradley

Norwich Castle

The castle used to be a place for imprisonment and execution so it apparently has a number of ghosts which occupy it. There have been reports of a floating skull as well as a woman who was executed for killing her husband.

Another spirit which is said to appear at the castle is the decomposing remains of rebel Robert Kett, his ghost apparently hangs from the castle in a cage. Finally, a ghost of a woman dressed in all black has been recorded since at least 1820 and still appears to this day.

Norwich Castle. Picture: Ella WilkinsonNorwich Castle. Picture: Ella Wilkinson

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