One school had some surprise guests when a flock of ducklings became its latest students.

The birds were seen bright and early waddling through Wymondham College's hallways shortly before pupils began arriving.

The 11 feathered students and their mum were first spotted by one of Mr Moon's class and it came to the teacher's attention after a yell from the corridor.

The 11 ducklings waddled through the humanities buildingThe 11 ducklings waddled through the humanities building (Image: Wymondham College)

The English teacher said: "It was early on Friday morning at around 8.15pm when I heard one of my tutees, who was in early, shout out.

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"I ran out to the corridor and I could see them waddling along.

"They're famous around the school as they live in one of the ponds looked after by the groundskeeper - although this is the first time I've seen them come inside.

"They actually don't have names but we're taking suggestions."

The flock didn't decide to stay around for first period - making haste down the hallway and leaving before the majority of pupils arrived.