A road safety scheme at a primary school has found itself under the podcast spotlight.

The innovative School Street initiative, implemented at Wymondham's Robert Kett Primary School, features in the latest episode of a climate-focused series from UK charity Carbon Copy.

School Street came into existence thanks to James Lucas, a parent of pupils at the school, who consulted with other parents and the school's headteacher Cara Fahy to set up daily road closures at busy collection and drop-off times.

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Mr Lucas said: “Whilst as you might imagine, there was some initial concern from local people about the inconvenience of closing the road every day, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and the impact on the safety of the children and parents at the school is something I’m really proud of.”

Podcast host Isabelle Sparrow said: “Meeting James, Cara and others responsible for implementing this project has been so inspiring.

"I remember how congested the road outside the school was before this was put in place, and the change is incredible to see."