Norfolk County Council has issued warnings about a number of new scams.

From fraudulent ticket sellers to illegitimate cryptocurrencies, here are the ones you need to know about.

Fake concert tickets

With events including Glastonbury Festival and Taylor Swift’s sell-out Eras tour coming up in the UK, the county council and Norfolk Police are pushing Action Fraud's campaign to stop ticket fraud.

Last year, 68 people in the county reported they had been a victim of ticket fraud, with a total of £15,466.19 lost.

This works out to an average loss of £227 per victim.

In order to protect themselves, people are reminded to only buy tickets from reputable sources, avoid paying via bank transfer, ensure the password to their email accounts is different from other passwords and be wary of adverts for unbelievably good deals.

Doorstep cold callers offering broadband 

The council is telling people to be on their guard about doorstep cold callers offering broadband contracts.

Earlier this month someone in the NR2 area reported someone knocking on their door offering broadband and saying they were "working on behalf of the local council".

The body advises people to never deal with someone who cold calls and offers a product, service or contract.

Cryptocurrency advertisements

People are also being warned about investing in fraudulent cryptocurrencies.

A county council spokesman said: "Criminals offering you investment opportunities go to great lengths to appear legitimate.

"They might have bogus registration numbers, authorisation documents and personal testimonies about their offer.

"They may even give you access to portals so you can manage your ‘portfolio’."

Telephone cold calls stating 'this is notice of court action'

The council has received a report from somebody in Norfolk who received an automated phone call that stated: "This is a notice of court action due to non-payment of tax."

It continued: "Failure to acknowledge this urgent issue will lead to the suspension of your National Insurance number."

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The call then gave the option to "press one to speak to our investigations department".

Norfolk County Council advises people not to interact with calls like these or give or confirm any personal information.

Telephone calls about solar panel checks

Someone in Norfolk recently received a cold call in which they were told someone would visit their home in 10 minutes to "check the solar panels and meter".

A man did arrive at their property shortly after but left after being challenged by a family member to show some ID.

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Again, the council's advice is to not interact with cold callers in any way.

What do I do if I think someone is trying to scam me?

If you believe someone has tried to scam you with a fake telephone call, email or text, you can call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133.

You can forward suspicious emails to the National Cyber Security Centre to