Police have been branded "lazy" after it emerged their response to a 4x4 smashing through a level crossing as a train was due to cross had been to send the vehicle's owner a letter.

British Transport Police has written to the registered owner of the vehicle saying it intends to launch a prosecution following the incident at Spooner Row earlier this month.

The crash, which was caught on dramatic dashcam footage, involved a Ford Ranger - which had just been driven off from a nearby pub following a row - smashing through the closed barrier sending debris flying, just before a train was about to pass.

People living nearby have questioned why officers have not gone to visit the driver and try to find out more about the "shocking" incident.

One person said: "Witnesses have said that this car did not slow down and in fact sped up as it approached the crossing.

"It is quite obvious to all how serious this incident could have been if it had been moments later and been hit by the train.

"I would at least have expected officers to pay the owner a visit and try to find out a bit more about such a shocking incident.

"What other driving offences might have been committed? This seems a very lazy way to investigate what happened."

The BTP said it sent the letter after officers went to the addresses of the owner of the vehicle and could not find them as they were not home.

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The crash happened on Saturday, April 6, just after 7pm, and was witnessed by other motorists waiting for the crossing to open, including one who caught it on dashcam.

Wymondham & Attleborough Mercury: A pickup was captured ploughing through a level crossing throwing debris into the airA pickup was captured ploughing through a level crossing throwing debris into the air (Image: Submitted)

A BTP spokesman said: "The registered keeper has been sent a Notice of Intended Prosecution, for which they have 28 days to respond."

The purpose of a 'notice of intended prosecution' is to inform a potential defendant that they may be prosecuted for an offence they have committed.

Witnesses said they saw the driver of the vehicle embroiled in an argument at the nearby Boars pub before abruptly leaving and getting behind the wheel of the truck.

As the car smashed through the barriers neighbours living nearby were nearly hit by flying debris.

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One villager acted quickly and raised the alarm on the crossing's emergency phone.

Wymondham & Attleborough Mercury: A damaged barrier was removed to the side of the road following the incidentA damaged barrier was removed to the side of the road following the incident (Image: Submitted)

This ensured the train slowed down before it hit the debris left at the scene and was able to pass at a very slow speed.

Not long after the incident, the level crossing was repaired with no further disruption for road or rail users.

Anyone with information is asked to contact BTP by texting 61016 or by calling 0800 40 50 40, quoting reference 485 of 06/03/2024.