Norfolk County Council has urged people to be careful as more new scams emerge.

From offers of a free air fryer to fake calls from the DVLA, here is a round-up of the ones you should know about this week.

Fake emails from the DVLA

Norfolk County Council is warning people about emails claiming to be from the DVLA.

One recent example said "our records show that you are not up to date with your current vehicle tax" and 'this is your last (v11) reminder from us". 

The email went on to claim that "your vehicle is not permitted to legally be on the road".

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The council reiterates that these emails are not from the DVLA and anyone clicking on the link provided in the text will be taken to a fake version of the DVLA website.

This will be used to attempt to gather personal and financial information.

Online surveys to receive high value items

Emails have been circulating which claim that "you have been chosen" to receive a high value item in exchange for completing an online survey.

The emails are styled to look like they come from legitimate companies and contain a link to the survey.

Recent examples of prizes have included:

  • A Yeti backpack from Tesco
  • A Dewalt Tool Trolley from B&Q
  • An Estee Lauder Blockbuster Gift Set from Boots
  • A Swann Home Security Camera System from Currys
  • A 'Mystery Box' from Screwfix
  • A Ninja air fryer from Sainsbury's

The links take users to a fake version of the company's website and ask for their personal and financial details as part of the process to claim the non-existent prize.

Automated telephone calls from 'Visa'

Norfolk County Council has received more reports of people receiving automated cold calls claiming to be from Visa.

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The caller will say there has been "suspicious" or "unauthorised" transactions of several hundred pounds from the user's account to online retailers such as Amazon or Apple.

The recording then asks the recipient to press a number and interact with the call to accept the charges or be put through to the Visa fraud team. 

What do I do if I think someone is trying to scam me?

If you believe someone has tried to scam you with a fake telephone call, email or text, you can call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 0808 223 1133.

You can forward suspicious emails to the National Cyber Security Centre by forwarding them to