Norfolk County Council has urged people to be careful as more new scams emerge.

Here are the warnings it has issued to people across the county in the past week.

Telephone cold calls about fire safety

People have been receiving phone calls which claim to be "reaching out to people over 65 about fire safety and security".

The cold caller then attempts to make an appointment for a home visit.

The council has advised people not to ever give or confirm personal details and never agree to any home visits if approached in this way.

Doorstep cold calls about roof repairs

This warning follows a recent incident in the Dereham area where a male approached a man outside their property telling them that he could see that his tiles needed replacing.

After the cold caller was given access to the roof he said the roof was '"looking rough with cracked tiles".

The cold caller said he could do the work the same day for £2,000 or £1,900 if paid in cash.

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Norfolk County Council said people should never deal with cold callers who want to work on their homes.

People should also never have work done by someone who is "just passing" and never take their word that work needs to be done at all.

Cold callers should never be given access to peoples' homes, roofs or gardens no matter how good their offer seems.

No payment should ever be made before the promised job has been completed.

Doorstep cold calls offering driveway cleaning 

This advice follows a recent incident where three males cold-called at a property in the South Wootton area of Kings Lynn.

They offered to clean, seal and repair a driveway, initially quoting £2,000 to undertake the work immediately. 

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After the person agreed to have the work done, some of the project was undertaken.

The men then told the victim that the cost had increased to £3,000 and demanded payment in full. 

Once the payment was made the males left the site saying they would return the following day to complete the work, but they are yet to return. 

The males were seen to be using a dark grey Ford Transit Custom double cab. 

Shein 'mystery boxes'

Norfolk County Council has highlighted a warning from Action Fraud which received almost 8,000 reports of this scam.

People nationwide have been receiving emails from a user claiming to be the online shopping site, Shein.

The email offered people a free 'mystery box' if they completed a 'short survey' by clicking a link.

Anyone who followed the link was taken to a phishing website which attempted to gather personal and financial information to claim the fictional offer.

Norfolk County Council emphasised that it is always best to be wary of claims made in unexpected email approaches and to never click on links or open attachments if you are approached in this way.