Norfolk Police have warned people to be cautious of cold callers after receiving a series of reports about suspicious activity.

On Wednesday afternoon, police were made aware of a man knocking on a number of doors in Watton, Wymondham and Hethersett offering to sell items such as cloths and scissors.

A spokesman for the police said: "A common theme with these types of incidents is that someone will knock at your door saying they have recently been released from prison or in rehabilitation and offer to sell you household items.

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"We advise you to close and lock your back door before answering the front door.

"If you do not recognise the person, speak through the closed and locked door.

"If they are selling something or offering to do any work on your house or garden, tell them you are not interested and ask them to leave.

"If they persist, tell them you will call the police and call us on 999 and if you have any doubt – keep them out.

"We advise that you should never agree to buy goods from, or have work done, by someone that calls unannounced at their door, or approaches them on the street.

"Often such traders don't provide full names, trading addresses or contact telephone numbers, resulting in it being virtually impossible to trace them if there are any problems with the work or goods."

Anyone feeling threatened by a cold caller should call 999 immediately.

Anyone with information about suspected rogue traders should contact police on 101, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.