More than 1,300 vehicles were seized by police in Norfolk last year as the force cracks down on uninsured drivers. 

From January to December, 1,304 vehicles were found to be driven without insurance - averaging 3.6 seizures every day. 

According to the authority, officers can use automatic number plate recognition cameras to find vehicles that do not have insurance and then seize them if the driver is unable to provide any proof of a policy.

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Driving without insurance can also result in a penalty of £300, six points on your licence and a vehicle release fee. 

If a motorist does not fulfil all of the requirements in releasing their car, it may be crushed.

If the case goes to court, offenders face the prospect of an unlimited fine and being disqualified from driving.

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Inspector Gary Miller of the joint Norfolk and Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing Team said: "These statistics clearly demonstrate the proactive work our officers are undertaking every day to keep our roads safe.

"In many cases, vehicles being deliberately driven without insurance are an indicator of other offences - particularly drug dealing.

"Without any doubt, identifying and removing these vehicles from our roads helps make the county a safer place for everyone."