Norfolk saw a record number of drug-related deaths in a 12-month period, new figures show.

It comes as health and social care provider Turning Point called for further investment in addiction services.

Office for National Statistics figures show there were 83 drug poisoning deaths in Norfolk in 2022 – up from 52 the year before and the highest on record.

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The figures cover drug abuse and dependence, fatal accidents, suicides and complications involving controlled and non-controlled drugs, prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Clare Taylor, chief operating officer at Turning Point, said deaths were a "preventable tragedy"  and the right treatment and support for those at risk "remains the key protective factor".

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Of the deaths 51 were due to misuse, meaning they involved illegal drugs, or were a result of drug abuse or dependence.

Nationally 46pc of deaths involved an opiate while those involving cocaine rose for the 11th consecutive year.

Lee Fernandes, from the UK Addiction Treatment Group, said those addicted to drugs for many years are now also experimenting with taking other substances which can make a user "increasingly susceptible to a fatal overdose".