Police were called after two boys were seen acting suspiciously in Attleborough on Tuesday evening.

People living in Edenside Drive took to social media to report the "young lads" knocking on doors.

They said the boys were claiming to be collecting money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA).

Witnesses said they had no identification or collection boxes linking them to any charity and felt they were acting suspiciously.

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One person reported the event to the police after the boys called to their home twice in the same evening.

The caller was given guidance and told to alert the police if the boys returned. 

A spokeswoman for the EAAA said: "You can request time to verify a canvasser’s credentials.

“People can ask for an EAAA canvasser’s ‘leave behind’ leaflet and contact EAAA directly on 03450 669 999 to check.

“This will contain a code, which can be used to confirm the canvasser’s identity and that they are calling on behalf of the charity.

“Following the Fundraising Regulator Code of Practice, the EAAA team will always be wearing official uniform with the charity logo and name on, they will always have an ID badge with them and they will never ask you for cash or force you to donate.

"In addition to this, all EAAA canvassers make the police aware of where and when they will be canvassing and they do not knock on doors which display 'no cold calling' stickers.

"EAAA also supplies these to people who contact the charity requesting not to be contacted."