A new salon has opened at a Grade II listed train station in Norfolk. 

Utopia has taken over the premises on platform two of Wymondham train station and has celebrated its "smashing" opening. 

James Howes, 42, who previously worked in property maintenance, took a chance on the new venture following a spell of irregular work. 

Wymondham & Attleborough Mercury: Mr Howes and his partner, SherrellMr Howes and his partner, Sherrell (Image: Utopia)

"Work's been really funny in the last few years and this gives me the opportunity to branch out and try something new," he said. 

"My wife, who runs a hair salon, thought there was a need for this sort of thing in Wymondham.

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"But we weren't expecting the turnout we had, to be honest - we've been blown away."

The tanning area at the salon utilises one vertical bed and one horizontal bed that are fitted with new hybrid technology lamps which are the "safest for the skin".

Wymondham & Attleborough Mercury: The salon has opened on the train concourse in Wymondham stationThe salon has opened on the train concourse in Wymondham station (Image: Utopia)

Mr Howes hopes to soon make use of an additional room with a permanent, in-house beauty practitioner who will provide services such as collagen replenishment and facials.

He added: "Words can't explain how lucky we are to have had so many lovely people come in and not just to use our equipment but sit and chat with us.

"We can't thank all our beautiful customers enough."