A former policeman and RAF veteran has taken over as chairman at Breckland Council. 

Councillor Peter Wilkinson, who was previously the vice-chairman, has now taken the more senior position, as his predecessor, Mike Nairn is retiring from Breckland.

He was voted in unanimously at Breckland's annual general meeting on May 18. 

Mr Wilkinson, who represents Nar Valley ward, said: “It's a real privilege and honour to represent all our members in the Breckland Council.

Wymondham & Attleborough Mercury: Cllr Peter Wilkinson, the new chairman of Breckland CouncilCllr Peter Wilkinson, the new chairman of Breckland Council (Image: Breckland Council)

"As long-standing members know I like to think we're all a council working together for all the residents who voted for us, whatever our political persuasions, we should come together as a Breckland Council and work for those residents who voted for us."

Mr Wilkinson has a police and military background. Before entering local politics he spent time in Norfolk Constabulary before working for the Ministry of Defence (MOD), supporting RAF Marham squadrons, station commanders and Marshals of the Royal Air Force (MRAF).

He will oversee council meetings and represent Breckland at official events over the next year.

Mr Wilkinson was joined by voices across the chamber in paying tribute to Mr Nairn and his hard work across the district, his charity work, and his 'community heroes award' scheme which recognised unsung residents in Breckland.

Wymondham & Attleborough Mercury: Cllr Terry Jermy, the new vice chairman of Breckland CouncilCllr Terry Jermy, the new vice chairman of Breckland Council (Image: Breckland Council)

Breckland's Labour leader group Terry Jermy was elected as Breckland's vice-chairman.

He said: “Thank you chairman and thank you colleagues for your faith in me serving as vice chairman.

"I look forward to supporting the chairman in his year ahead.

“I'm very passionate about Breckland as a district and very passionate about my own community and I look forward to meeting groups around the district in the year ahead and supporting you in the work that you do chairman.”