The Queen's official death certificate has revealed Her Majesty died of old age.

The document, which was released by National Records of Scotland, noted the time of the Queen's death on Thursday, September 8, as 3.10pm.

Old age was the only cause of death listed, with no other contributing factors.

The Queen's children King Charles and the Princess Royal were at the Queen's bedside when she died while other family members raced to Balmoral.

Princess Anne is named as the 'informant' on the document and would have notified the local registrar of her mother’s death.

Paul Lowe, the Registrar General for Scotland, confirmed that the Queen’s death was registered in Aberdeenshire on September 16, 2022.

The Queen was laid to rest on September 19, following 70 years of service, after family, friends and the nation said farewell to the late monarch.