Looking for a new addition to the family? The best way to find a new furry friend could be to rehome a dog who has been left without one.

Here are five dogs at the Dogs Trust branch in Snetterton who are looking for a new master.


Wymondham & Attleborough Mercury: Cheyenne is just one of the dogs looking for a new home in NorfolkCheyenne is just one of the dogs looking for a new home in Norfolk (Image: Dogs Trust)

Sex: Female

Age: Two to five

A spokesman for Dogs Trust said: "Cheyenne is a lovely four-year-old girl with a very sweet nature.

"She is looking for a home where there is a garden for her to explore and access to quiet walks away from other dogs as she finds it difficult to be around them.

"She could live with children aged 11 years and older as long as they are comfortable around her size. She can be strong on lead at times so will need adopters who can manage this.

"Cheyenne is not a fan of stairs so anyone interested in her should keep this in mind before applying.

Benji and Chansik

Wymondham & Attleborough Mercury: Benji and ChansikBenji and Chansik (Image: Dogs Trust)

Sex: Male

Age: Eight plus

"Benji is looking for a home with his brother, Chansik, they have been together all their lives and are very bonded to one another.

"They will need to be the only pets in the home.

"They would really enjoy a home with an enclosed garden or large outdoor space to run around and play in.

"They have never lived with children before and could live with older children aged 14 and older who can appreciate they may not want fuss all of the time.

"They were used to being left for up to five hours in their previous home and could be built up to being left for short periods of time again, once settled.


Wymondham & Attleborough Mercury: CharlieCharlie (Image: Dogs Trust)

Sex: Female

Age: Eight plus

"Charlie is after a new home where the youngest people in the house are 14 years or older.

"Charlie has been known to be a bit of an escape artist so will require a fully secure garden with a minimum of 6ft fencing.

"Charlie can be a little avoidant of too much handling but does enjoy a gentle fuss once he's gotten to know you.

"She is quite typical of his breed and would benefit from a home with some breed knowledge.

"Charlie should be fine to be left for short periods once she has settled in and could be left for a couple of hours if built up gradually.


Wymondham & Attleborough Mercury: RocketRocket (Image: Dogs Trust)

Sex: Male

Age: Five to seven

"Rocket is a sweet older gentleman who is looking for a place to call home again.

"He would like to find a family where any children are 12 years old or older and where he can have his own garden to potter around in.

"Rocket is fine to have some calm dog friends outside of the home but would like to be the only pet so he can get all the attention for himself.

"Once Rocket has settled in, he should be fine to be left for up to four hours as long as this was introduced gradually. Rocket does have a medical condition which will require ongoing treatment.

"Full information will be given if you are found to be match but potential adopters should be aware that there will be a cost involved with this.


Wymondham & Attleborough Mercury: HelenHelen (Image: Dogs Trust)

Sex: Female

Age: Five to seven

"Helen is a very affectionate six-year-old terrier cross who loves nothing more than being around people.

"Helen is not keen on other dogs and she can be very vocal around them, so she must be kept on a lead out and about and be walked away from other dogs.

"Helen must have a fully secure garden with a minimum of 6ft fencing and there should be no neighbouring dogs or cats.

"Helen would like an adult-only home where someone is around all of the time to begin with but she should be fine to be left for two to three hours once settled if introduced gradually.

"Her new family should ideally have had some experience with reactive dogs before but as our training team will be on hand to guide you, this is not strictly necessary."