Norfolk's market towns have seen a lot of changes over the years but their unique character has still been maintained.

How do the town's centres and market places compare on Google Street View? We took a virtual tour around market towns in Norfolk to compare pictures taken around 2010 to the most recent available.

1. Attleborough

Do you remember The Bear pub in Attleborough? The building was most recently home to Ry's Bar & Grill.

Further down the road the rather distinctive blue paint of the Kissinger Estate Agent's building has changed to a less vibrant pastel green and is now occupied by Millbank Estate Agents.

2. Aylsham

Aylsham is one of five towns in the UK that has Cittaslow status, which is awarded for its quality of living and community feel.

On the outskirts of the town, several new housing developments have been constructed over the past decade, like this one near Willow Park.

More housing developments are planned for the town, which could see Aylsham change significantly in the next few years.

3. Diss

Blockbuster used to be the main place to rent the latest film releases on VHS and DVDs.

The company went into administration in 2013 and was later replaced by the shoe shop Lizzie 2 Shoes.

4. Fakenham

A market has been held in Fakenham since 1250 and it remains well known in the area.

Market Place has had several stores change hands over the decade although BenBows Greengrocers has continued to serve the people of Fakenham with fresh produce for several years.

5. Dereham

Dereham is located in the heart of Norfolk and has a thriving market on Tuesdays.

It also has one of the smallest cinemas in Norfolk, located in what was once the Corn Exchange. In 2008 it was called Hollywood Cinema but today it is known as the Orion Cinema.

Woolworths used to be a busy store in the area but the company's demise in 2008 brought an end to a long-running national chain. The store has since become a Poundland.

6. Wymondham

Wymondham has many historic buildings to explore dating back to the 15th century.

The market cross was built in 1617, replacing the earlier building which was destroyed in 1615. A farmers' market is held here every Saturday.

Another Woolworths high street casualty can be seen in Wymondham's Market Place, which has since become a Co-Op.

7. Holt

The town of Holt is known for its Georgian architecture and is home to many places to eat, drink and shop.

A lot has changed in the corner of Bull Street. The post office has since become a Holt Vinyl Vault, which sells the latest music releases.

Mark Elliot, a homemade furniture business, has since been replaced by Suffolk brewery Adnams, which has retail outlets across Norfolk.