Road closures, maps and timings for the Tour of Britain in Norwich and Norfolk

PUBLISHED: 12:00 08 September 2015 | UPDATED: 15:05 08 September 2015

The Tour of Britain 2011 cycle race passing through Reepham.

The Tour of Britain 2011 cycle race passing through Reepham. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY


The roadsides will be lined, the bunting will be proudly hung and decorative bicycles will be placed along the route this Saturday as Norfolk celebrates the return of the Tour of Britain to our region.

Road closures

The route will be closed to traffic just before the lead cyclist reaches that point. About 30 police motorbikes will be used to enforce a rolling road closure which will be lifted once the last race support vehicle has passed.

Roads will be closed for up to 20 minutes depending on how spread apart the cyclists are.

The Grapes Hill / Chapelfield Road roundabout in Norwich will be closed for a little longer as the event crosses this junction twice. Wymondham and Attleborough town centres will be closed for about 20 minutes to allow the one-way systems to clear.

Now, with the added appeal of former Tour de France winner and Olympic gold medallist Sir Bradley Wiggins confirmed to take part, the Tour is set to attract scores of spectators as it travels from Fakenham Racecourse on Saturday through locations including Guist, Reepham, Cawston, Aylsham and Hellesdon on its way to Ipswich.

The 120-strong peloton of riders will set off from Fakenham Racecourse at about 10am for a neutralised start.

The race will then start properly at Guist.

Approximate timings from then on are: Reepham and Cawston 10.35am to 10.45am; Aylsham 10.50am to 11am; King of the Mountains, between Hevingham and Stratton Strawless on the A140, 10.55am to 11.10am; and Hellesdon 11.10am to 11.25am.

Stuart Clancy, portfolio holder for economic development at Broadland District Council, said: “We are really pleased the Tour is returning to Broadland this year.

“It will be of great benefit to our businesses and residents along the route and is of great value to the district to be part of this prestigious event. We hope to see a large turnout on the day and a real buzz in Broadland in the lead-up to the Tour of Britain.”

Community events are taking place at several points along the route on the day. Cawston is gearing up for the event with its very own Tour series.

Taking place from today until Friday, from 5.30pm until 6.30pm, people of all ages are welcome to see who can get around the village playing field the fastest in the Tour of Cawston.

Full list of route timings

Fakenham Racecourse 10am start

Neutral lap through Fakenham – Hempton Road, Bridge Street, Holt Road

A1067 official race start on the A1067 near Guist, then through Guist at 10.15

A1067 past Twyford at 10.21

A1067 through Foxley at 10.25

Onto Foxley Road through Bawdswell, using The Street at 10.29

Onto B1145 Reepham Road all the way to Reepham between 10.36 and 10.40

Through Reepham using Church Hill, Norwich Road between 10.36 and 10.41, New Road, then Cawston Road between 10.38 and 10.43.

B1145 to Cawston

B1145 through Cawston between 10.45 and 10.52

B1145 into Aylsham using Penfold Street between 10.52 and 11, and Norwich Road between 10.53 and 11.01

A140 heading in the direction of Norwich

Past Hevingham between 10.58 and 11.07

King of the Mountain stage on the A140 before Stratton Strawless between 10.58 and 11.08 and finishes after Stratton Strawless

Past Hainford between 11.02 and 11.13

Past St Faiths between 11.05 and 11.16

Holt Road between 11.11 and 11.24, Cromer Road passing Norwich Airport

Aylsham Road between 11.13 and 11.26

St Augustines (against the one way system) between 11.16 and 11.29

Pitt Street (against the one way system) between 11.16 and 11.30

St Crispins roundabout and along Barn Road

Grapes Hill between 11.17 amd 11.31

At Chapelfield Roundabout the race turns down Cleveland Road, then along Gaol Hill between 11.18 and 11.33

Gentlemans Walk between 11.18 and 11.33

Rampant Horse Street and Theatre Street between 11.19 and 11.33

Chapelfield Roundabout then down Earlham Road between 11.22 and 11.37

Watton Road between 11.25 and 11.40

Hethersett Lane (past NCFC training ground) between 11.26 and 11.42

Norwich Road toward Hethersett

Through the village on Queens Road between 11.31 and 11.48, Great Melton Road, High Green, then out of the village on Melton Road

Into Wymondham on Cock Street between 11.40 and 11.59

Town Green (against the one way system) between 11.40 and 12.00, then Market Street

Fairland Street (against the one way system) between 11.41 and 12.00

London Road between 11.42 and 12.01

Sutton Lane, Wymondham Road, Chapel Road past Spooner Row between 11.47 and 12.07

Bunwell Road and then Besthorpe Road into Attleborough between 11.55 and 12.17

Station Road between 11.57 and 12.19

Buckenham Road and Attleborough Road into Old Buckenham between 12.02 and 12.26

Crown Road between 12.03 and 12.27

Past Quidenham between 12.10 and 12.36

Quidenham Road, Church Road, The Street past Bridgham and then past Brettenham

Kilverstone Road toward Thetford

Norwich Road into Thetford between 12.32 and 13.03

Grove Lane between 12.34 and 13.05

Melford Bridge Road, Castle Lane, Nuns Bridge Road, and out of Norfolk on the Bury Road between 12.37 and 13.09. Heading towards Elveden

On Saturday, there will be a cycle event fun day at Cawston Village Hall from 10am until 2pm.

The normal Saturday market road closures in Aylsham will be in place, but a marquee with vintage racing bikes and a penny farthing will replace the market.

Those heading to Reepham to watch the Tour will also get the chance to see artists from Norwich-based Moosey Art doing some live art on canvas on The Original Cottage Company building.

There are also Broadland District Council’s Tour-themed baby gorillas, which are dressed ready for the race in Reepham and Aylsham.

Norwich and south Norfolk

As the colourful kaleidoscope of riders dashes through Norwich city centre, between 11.08am and 11.34am, they will hurtle up Grapes Hill, zoom past Guildhall and race by Norwich Market.

The Tour’s visit to the city will coincide with the Norfolk and Norwich Food Festival which will see a two-day extravaganza at Chapelfield Gardens.

Meanwhile, support for the race in Wymondham, which welcomed the race in 2011, will be bigger and better than ever.

The cycling stars are set to pedal into the town at about 11.50am. Rachael Mold, one of the organisers of events in Wymondham, said: “There will be a pedal-powered smoothie bike, a Scalectrix bike and a balloon-blowing bike to try, cycle challenges to test cycle maintenance skills and local cycle groups to talk to. The town itself will have flags flying, banners and bunting waving and cycle installations adding colour.”

Elsewhere, cycling fever has spread through Attleborough where more than 100 decorated bikes have sprung up in the town which will welcome the Tour just after midday.

And the internationally-televised event will be a showcase of Thetford as the riders zip down Norwich Road, Grove Lane, Melford Bridge Road, Castle Lane and Nuns’ Bridges Road. There will be a family fun day at the green overlooking Nuns’ Bridges, from 10.30am to 5pm, packed with cycling-themed activities.

Town councillor Stuart Wright said: “It’s not often you get a national sporting event coming through your town so hopefully the people of Thetford will come out and do Thetford justice.”

From Thetford, the riders will race along the A134 Bury Road into Suffolk, heading to Barnham and Elveden on their way to Ipswich.

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  • I couldn't give two hoots about the race really, but it goes past not far away and so I will take my children to see it whizz by. A little bit of spectacle and excitement for them. At least with the Tour of Britain the disruption is temporary as the cyclists pass - unlike the Tour Series where whole towns are closed for an entire day.

    Report this comment

    Cyril the Canary

    Friday, September 11, 2015

  • Johnny Norfolk. You are asking why they do not cycle around a track. The answer might have something to do with the fact it is a road race. Although I personally do not cycle I hope the day turns out to be spectacular and a good time is had by all.

    Report this comment


    Friday, September 11, 2015

  • Johnny Norfolk, may I suggest you follow your own advice in that you..... 'Think of others instead of just yourselves. ' Go on, you can do it, even for just 30 mins a year.

    Report this comment


    Thursday, September 10, 2015

  • 'backwoodsman' the lycra is worn for a reason. You try cycling at speeds of up to 70+ mph (descending from mountain stages) in loose clothing. The 'look at me? Exactly, so they can be seen by selfish motorists and of course advertise their sponsors. You and many others have no idea of this sport, so I suggest you and others comment on what you know something about.

    Report this comment


    Thursday, September 10, 2015

  • It would have been far more logical to have put the route section maps in some kind of order, maybe starting at the start from Fakenham? As for those with negative opinions towards this event I suggest that they have no idea of how important an event like this is to the local community and economy. It also makes me wonder what they do for fun or sport. f

    Report this comment


    Thursday, September 10, 2015

  • Absolute nightmare of an event. Why cyclists can't just pedal along without dressing in 'look at me!' lycra and causing disruption everywhere is a mystery. sooner they get to Ipswich the better....

    Report this comment


    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

  • This is epic. We live in an area of outstanding beauty. This will be shown around the world. How can that not benefit East Anglia? The Tour De France is actually supported by the French government, and is the best value tourist advert they have. We can do the same with The Tour of Britain. So to all the haters, I say 'wake up', this is good for the region. What is it that is so important for 30 mins of your time, that you feel the need to ask for compensation?

    Report this comment


    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

  • @Johnny Norfolk "I think you will find there are many more that think like I do" Sure there are, they a bunch of selfish idiots too. So they won't be able to use a particular section of road for 30 minutes or so. Boo hoo. Look at the shot above. See all those people enjoying the event? Grow up.

    Report this comment


    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

  • I think you will find there are many more that think like I do. It brings nothing to the area at all just disruption all over the place and we should be paid compensation for it. There are plety of places to hold events without closing the county down.Its these selfish people that do not think of others and fail to understand the problems it can cause. Think of others insted of just yourselves.

    Report this comment

    Johnny Norfolk

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

  • @Johnny Norfolk & Footyboy16 I have very little interest in this, but even I appreciate that 1000s of spectators do, not just locally but all over the nation. I also appreciate that visitor numbers to the area will be up too, which in turn will bring money into the area, it might even be a good advertising opportunity for the area too. So how about you grow up for a minute and stop thinking about yourselves for just a day?

    Report this comment


    Wednesday, September 9, 2015

  • I was in a good mood until I read the comments on this article. Firstly, the first paragraph at the top of the article states "This Saturday". Further on it is mentioned that the race will leave Fakenham racecourse this Saturday morning. Using my amazing powers of deduction (referring to today's date) I can calculate that the race must be this weekend! As for Johnny Norfolk - honestly man - let's apply your logic to everything and ban all sport, pastimes, free time, school playtime, television, radio - after all we all need to work our way out of the mess that Labour put us in. I shall be sending my kids up chimneys and down t'pits forthwith.

    Report this comment

    Will McCloy

    Wednesday, September 9, 2015


    Report this comment


    Tuesday, September 8, 2015


    Report this comment


    Tuesday, September 8, 2015

  • Why can they not just cycle round a track somewhere rather than cause all this disruption all over the county. They should be paying compensation to do this. This country needs to work not play to get us out of the mess we are in thanks to labour and cotinued by the Conservatives.

    Report this comment

    Johnny Norfolk

    Tuesday, September 8, 2015

  • Another day of gridlock in the City, oh well whats new? getting to be the norm now with road closures and queues of traffic.

    Report this comment


    Tuesday, September 8, 2015

  • I dunno, I've driven the A140 for decades but I've never noticed the mountains between Hevingham and Stratton Strawless. I haven't even noticed much in the way of hills along there. I must pay more attention when I drive that way next :)

    Report this comment

    Cyril the Canary

    Tuesday, September 8, 2015

  • Perhaps they should have the commentsemails at the top of the pages to save people time sifting through to find the most important points!

    Report this comment


    Tuesday, September 8, 2015

  • Yes, every detail here... except the actual date of the event !!

    Report this comment


    Tuesday, September 8, 2015

  • The race is coming through on Saturday,Sept 12.Why would Archant mention a trivial detail like that? When I saw all those timings I was a bit gutted because I thought I'd missed it all.Typical amateurish and slack Archant journalism.COME ON ARCHANT,PUT THE ACTUAL RACE DATE ON THE PAGE.Thank you.

    Report this comment


    Tuesday, September 8, 2015

  • All superb detail of where it is going. Only trouble is there is no mention of when, as in which day!

    Report this comment

    Soglio Star

    Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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